This post is #11 in the series to automatically build a Microsoft BI machine using PowerShell – see the start of series.

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Wow, so the last post was pretty intense, wasn’t it? I think we are ready for the next one: installing SharePoint. To build this script I used the following sources: and

Since this is again a quite lengthly script we will split it up in steps.

Step A: enabling IIS and other features

This step enables a whole load of features on Windows that are required by SharePoint, including IIS. If a restart is required, the script will reboot after the setup of the features. Some times your machine might reboot more than once to complete the setup of all these features.


Step B: Installing SharePoint Prerequisites

SharePoint itself has a number of prerequisites; in this still we will install them all.


Step C: Installing SharePoint

SharePoint is installed in this step from the ISO that the script mounts.


Step D: Cleaning up

This step simply unmounts the SharePoint installation media.


Pff, are we done yet? No! Next up: Installing PowerPivot for SharePoint.