Updated: Annual radio countdown Top 2000 in Power BI

A bit later this year, but even after my move to the US I decided to keep up the tradition of updating my Power BI analysis of the Top 2000 analysis for this year.

Read all about it in the original post from 2016.

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Enjoy and happy holidays! See you next year.

Stepping back into the ring.

I am happy to share with you all that I am stepping back into the ring. After a 'brief' period ("It has been 6 months, how can you call that brief?") I am back. And better than before - or at least - I hope.

Ever since my move to the US to work at Microsoft headquarters I have been waiting for the opportunity to be more visible 'outside'. And now I will! We are getting started with YouTube: we just re-launched the Data Exposed show!

Data Exposed is all about data; relational and non-relational, on-premises and in the cloud, big and small. Join us as we demonstrate features, discuss the latest news, and share the love for data technology including SQL Server, Azure Data Services like SQL DB, Cosmos DB, SQL DW, Data Factory, Databricks and more. 

Azure SQL is partnering with Data Exposed to keep you in the know on everything related to Azure SQL. Find us on YouTube and subscribe.

I am proud to say that my team and I will make this a reality - expect to see me in future episodes. For more details, See my blog post on Tech Communities.

It feels good to be part of this. Stay tuned, there will be more to come, including videos with me (goodbye comfort zone!).

Passing command line settings to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages using dtexec on Linux

This is my first blog post since I moved to Redmond. A lot of time has passed, sorry for that! I kept busy filling out forms, forms and some more forms. After that came more forms. I dream about forms, I breath forms. I am a form. Wait, let's stop there.

Recently I had to figure out how to pass in settings to an SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package when calling it using dtexec from bash on Linux.

The dtexec utility is utility to execute a SSIS packages. The name goes back to the time that SSIS was called Data Transformation Services (DTS) - that is also the reason why SSIS packages carry the .dtsx extension. The dtexec utility is available for both Windows and Linux.

One of the interesting things you can do with dtexec is passing in values to variables (using the /Par(ameter) option or even change a connection string at runtime (using the /Conn[ection]). I had to do the latter. Here is where the fun started. The /Par and /Conn options (and maybe others) expect something like this: [name];[value]. For example:

dtexec /F myfile.dtsx /Conn "MasterSQL";"Data Source=myserver;User ID=myuser;Initial Catalog=master;Password=mypassword"

Notice the ';' between the name of the source connection and the connection string. This is all great, unless you are trying to call dtexec from the bash command line in Linux, because ; actually means something in bash: when bash sees ; it thinks the current command has ended and the next instruction follows. That is not what we want here.

I had to escape a number of items to get this to work correct in bash:

/CONN "MasterSQL"\;"\"Data Source=myserver;User ID=myuser;Initial Catalog=mydb;Password=mypassword\""

See what I did there? I had to escape the first ; (between 'MasterSQL' and 'Data Source') as well as escape the quotes that surround the data source definition itself and have it double quoted.

If you need to pass in a value to a string parameter you need to follow the same logic:

/PAR "$Project::myparam"\;"\"myvalue\""

For a string variable you can pass in the value like this:

/SET "\\package.variables[myvariable].Value"\;"\"myvalue\""

Hope this helps!

Updated: Annual radio countdown Top 2000 in Power BI

This is starting to become a tradition, sort of. My Power BI analysis of the Top 2000 has been updated to include 2018's edition!

Read all about it in the original post from 2016.

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Enjoy and happy holidays! See you next year.

Farewell Tour

A CHANGE IS GONNA COME Na bijna 10 jaar waag ik de grote stap. Ik verhuis naar Amerika en ga voor Microsoft in Seattle aan de slag. Daarmee komt er een einde aan mijn werk als Dutch Data Dude in Nederland (en daarbuiten). Werk dat ik met veel passie heb gedaan en heb kunnen doen dankzij en met jullie. Om dit deel gepast af te sluiten doe ik een FAREWELL TOUR: ik klim nog een laatste keer op het podium. Bij jullie, voor jullie. Want jullie hebben mij in staat gesteld te worden wie ik wilde zijn: het geluid van Microsoft rondom data en Artificial Intelligence. Dutch Data Dude signs off.
DE TOUR Tijdens de FAREWELL TOUR geef ik in korte tijd een flink aantal presentaties. Dit organiseer ik samen met partners in October / November 2018. Het onderwerp van de presentaties is Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning of Artificial Intelligence. Soms staat mijn presentatie op zich, soms is het onderdeel van een groter geheel. Alles in samenspraak met de organiserende partner. Ik hoop je te mogen begroeten tijdens de FAREWELL TOUR.
DE LOCATIES Hieronder staan de locaties die ik aandoe tijdens mijn FAREWELL TOUR. Voor publieke evenementen kun je je direct inschrijven via de aangegeven link.
Datum Tijd Plaats Organisatie Soort evenement Inschrijven
17 October 10:00 Bussum CraniumConnect Voor leden Website
17 October 17:00 Den Haag TopBI Intern n.v.t.
18 October 17:00 Amsterdam QNH Intern n.v.t.
23 October 16:00 Amsterdam Datafied Publiek Inschrijven
25 October 18:00 Rotterdam Motion10 Publiek Inschrijven
29 October 16:30 Eindhoven Valid Publiek Inschrijven
30 October 13:30 Veenendaal HSO Op uitnodiging Website
30 October 16:00 Huizen Sigma Data Consulting Intern n.v.t.
31 October 17:00 Vianen Rubicon Publiek Inschrijven
2 November 09:00 Amsterdam Breinwave Op uitnodiging n.v.t.
6 November 13:30 Veenendaal Hillstar Publiek Inschrijven
7 November 19:00 Veenendaal Infosupport Publiek (beperkt aantal plaatsen) Inschrijven
8 November 14:30 Hoofddorp Macaw Publiek Inschrijven
12 November 13:30 Utrecht Axians Intern n.v.t.
13 November 17:30 Utrecht Caesar Experts Publiek Inschrijven
14 November 10:00 Bussum CraniumConnect Voor leden Website
14 November 18:00 Vianen Sogeti Intern n.v.t.
15 November 15:00 Amsterdam Ireckonu Op uitnodiging n.v.t.
29 November 17:00 Den Bosch Power BI Gebruikersgroep Publiek Inschrijven