I have reported on the subject of macros and how I consider them a security risk multiple times on this blog (see http://www.dutchdatadude.com/macros-are-dead/ and http://www.dutchdatadude.com/keep-macros-under-control/). Also, in my talks macros are a frequent topic.

Now, Virus Bulletin (https://www.virusbtn.com/virusbulletin/archive/2014/07/vb201407-VBA) has observed a rise in macro related malware, specifically trojan horses. I encourage you to read the report and see for yourself why macros need to be treated carefully. Maybe, sometime in the future, macros will be really extinct. I certainly hope so. However, before that happens we will need to find a way to bring comparable functionality to end-users without the security problems.