Fixing ‘subscription is not registered with NRP’ error in Azure

I am writing this post not to claim that I know everything there is to know about Azure Networking. Not even remotely. I am writing this partly for myself and hopefully to help others. Today I hit the following error while trying to write a PowerShell script to automate some Azure Networking related tasks (more on that soon!): 'Subscription [subscriptionID] is not registered with NRP'. In this short post I will explain how to fix this error.

I searched online but could not find the solution anywhere. Then it hit me - NRP = Network(ing?) Resource Provider. The solution is straightforward:

  1. Make a note of the subscriptionID from the error message.
  2. In the Azure Portal go to Subscriptions and find the offending subscription.
  3. Click on Resource Providers.
  4. Search for 'Microsoft.Network'.
  5. You will see that the status for that provider is 'NotRegistered'. Select 'Microsoft.Network' and click 'Register'. Wait for it to say 'Registered' (if you are as inpatient as I am you can click 'Refresh' to get the latest status).
  6. Note that you do not need to register for 'Microsoft.ClassicNetwork'.

Done, now execute your script again and the error should disappear!