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First Look: Azure DocumentDB

The First Look series focusses on new products, recent announcements, previews or things I have not had the time to provide a first look at and serves as introduction to the subject. First look posts are fairly short and high level.

In this First Look: Azure DocumentDB. DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service designed for mobile / web applications. Since it is a NoSQL database it is a schema-free system it allows flexible storage and processing of data with scale up and down on demand, while still allowing easy querying using a SQL dialect. As such it operates in the same space as other NoSQL systems such as Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase and CouchDB and provides a feature-rich, cost effective and enterprise ready solution.

Development against DocumentDB can be done using .NET, Node.js, JavaScript and Python. On top of this DocumentDB provides a SQL Query language and it is elastically scalable both on throughput and storage.

More info is available at

More to come!

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