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Version compatibility between Power Pivot Data Models in Excel 2010 / 2013 and SharePoint 2010 / 2013

I have been getting a lot of questions on compatibility around Excel 2010 / Excel 2013 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013. To be honest, I have been confused myself.

I encourage you to check out our Excel help page, which makes it crystal clear:

Note to SharePoint Server 2010 customers: Client applications used to create a Data Model need to align with the server applications that host a Data Model. For SharePoint Server 2010, this means you’ll need to continue to use Excel 2010 and a Power Pivot for Excel add-in to create and maintain a Data Model. Excel 2013 cannot be used to create Data Models that run on SharePoint Server 2010.

This means that you can upload an Excel 2013 file with a Power Pivot data model in it to SharePoint. However, if you interact with it (click refresh, click a slicer, etc) you will get an error message.

It does not get any more specific than that, right?



You will not believe these sites have been built with SharePoint

I get myself in many discussions about SharePoint as application platform for public / customer facing sites. The reason I end up in the discussion is because people are looking to use our great BI tooling to provide insight to their customers.

Most people do not believe that SharePoint is used to create internet sites (most people just know SharePoint as a collaboration platform).

Here is a great site that gives you an idea of what websites were created with SharePoint and it even features a great BI visualization of the data (PivotViewer). I encourage you to go check it out!



My personal favorite is http://www.ferrari.com. Can you believe it has been built using SharePoint?


SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013 – Better Together session on repeat

June 10th, we will be hosting a SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013 – better together session aimed at partners at our Microsoft office in the Netherlands! This is the third delivery, because the first two deliveries were overbooked and highly valued.

More information at http://blogs.microsoft.nl/blogs/sharepointonline/archive/2013/02/08/uitnodiging-sql-server-2012-and-sharepoint-2013-better-together.aspx

Looking forward to meeting you there!

(Please note that this session will be in Dutch..)

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