This is a re-do of my original post from 2014 on how to use Power BI to analyze the BI market. Please see the original post for details on how this was made.

Here is the new visual up to date to February 2015:Using Power BI to Analyze the BI Market

I chose to keep using Excel although I like the Power BI Desktop better. The reason for this is simple: there is no play axis in the Power BI desktop, so there is really no way for me to make the graph move.

What you see here is a line graph showing the market cap data and a scatter plot with play axis on Date that shows the scores per vendor for Completeness Of Vision (horizontal axis) and Ability To Execute (vertical axis). I could have used market cap data for the size of each vendor’s indicator but that makes the chart unreadable. So now we can go back in time and see all the MQs for BI one after the other in a nice animation:

Notice how in the video I show the development of Microsoft over time. Also see that the top chart responds to the selection I made in the scatter plot.

This wraps up this post. Hope you liked this demonstration of meta-BI using Power BI! I hope to keep updating this and sometime move over to Power BI Desktop and maybe start using custom visuals… I would love to expand this to include Forrester waves as well as a side-by-side comparison. Stay tuned!