Disclaimer: Yes, I know the Gartner Magic Quadrants normally should be bought. The information in this post however is based on the web searches much like this: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=gartner+magic+quadrant+bi&FORM=AWIR which happens to return the Gartner Magic Quadrants…

A while ago I used Power BI to analyze the BI market. Back then I did that in Excel. Given the recent movement in the Magic Quadrants for databases, analytics and BI I figured I needed to do a re-run. This also enables me to show off the new Publish to Web feature of Power BI. You can see the result below; I found images of the following Gartner Magic Quadrants:

Then I followed the same process as in the previous blog post on this subject (that means a lot of manual labor :)) and made a Power BI report on top of it. Also I added the logos of the companies involved. The report has two tabs: the first focusses on one magic quadrant at a time, while the second allows you to see the position of a certain vendor in all five MQs I analyzed. Both tabs allow you to look back in time and see the development of them over time.

Enjoy this bit of Inception-style Insight :). If you have ideas on how this could be improved, let me know! Have a look below or open the report full screen.